Client: Netexpo Internet

Country: The Netherlands

Service: Extended Team

Expertise: Software Engineering



Netexpo Internet is an internet agency based in The Netherlands building custom, webbased applications and eCommerce appications.


We are working with Netexpo for about 3 years now. We started out when Netexpo needed to build a complex Enterprise grade Magento platform connected to an Oracle backbone. Qbikz delivered the project in time and in budge which made Netexpo Internet decide to hire a dedicated managed team which in 2016 evolved to an extended team.


After running a managed team with Qbikz for two years, knowledge about best development practices have been transfered to Netexpo Internet and with their own projectmanagement they now will take it to the next step with an extended team instead of a managed team.


  • in 2013 we started with a complex software project
  • from 2014, Qbikz delivered a Managed Software team including consultancy, projectmanagement and Software Engineers to deliver exiting eCommerce platforms to Netexpo customers.
  • Qbikz implemented contemporary development practices such as Continuous Integration and Build Automation, increasing delivery process efficiency.

From October 1st 2016, Netexpo has it’s own, cost-efficient and flexibel team fully managed by their own consultants and projectmanagers.

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