Client: ScreenProducts Benelux

Country: The Netherlands

Service: Managed Team

Expertise: Consultancy, Projectmanagement, Software Engineering



Screen Products Benelux is importer, manufacturer and distributor for Print and Sign solutions. ScreenProducts Benelux represents some of the worlds leading manufacturers like Epson, Canon and Roland. ScreenProducts Benelux offers a complete solution including repair services.


Changes in the supply chain force ScreenProducts Benelux to transform their business towards digital. ScreenProducts Benelux has no digital department in place which can keep up with the increasing and changing customer demands.


To meet the customer’s needs, Qbikz has offered ScreenProdcts Benelux two engagement models to choose from: Extended Team and Managed Team. ScreenProducts Benelux chose the Managed Team model because it allowed focusing on product delivery while Qbikz is managing and improving both the team and individual performance. Still, the client had the flexibility to expand and create the own dedicated team. This model helped ScreenProducts Benelux to maintain control of the software development while Qbikz takes care of the operational environment.



  • During the first year of collaboration, Qbikz needs to deliver a renewed eCommerce platform..
  • Qbikz will implement contemporary development practices such as Continuous Integration and Build Automation, increasing delivery process efficiency.
  • ScreenProducts has a cost-efficient Managed Team, responsible for both maintenance and new functionality.

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