Think of a strong, competent set of software engineers, QA specialists, and project managers, capable of implementing your project, anticipating your needs and delivering on schedule.

Qbikz’s Extended Team is your own IT team mirrored in Ukraine and completely aligned with your strategic business goals.

Who is it for?

  • Team leaders having a hard time hiring and securing excellent, cost-effective IT talent in their home locations.
  • Companies with an already successful product who need to develop new products and features without defocusing the core team.
  • CXOs, who every year need to deliver more with the same IT budget.
  • Companies with ever changing development goals, which need to scale fast, and cannot afford long-lasting hiring process locally.

Our in-house recruiters, HR managers, and support team provide you onshore, nearshore and offshore software development resources in the course of a few short weeks. You gain access to Qbikz’s pool of technologists, and tap into the best IT talent to increase output and cut costs.

The result is a team that is fully yours.  As a Qbikz client you retain total control while taking advantage of the scalability, and reduced administration that allows you to focus on your product or service.


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