Managing the performance of individuals and your overall team in developing software is demanding, time-consuming and can distract from strategic goals. With Qbikz’s Managed Team, you focus on your business strategy, while we generate a high-performance culture and operational environment inside your team.

With the Managed Team model, you tell us what the project backlog and requirements are, and we work through the backlog and get things done on schedule.

Who is it for?

  • Companies that need to ramp up the team quickly but don’t want to manage hiring, firing, retention, and other HR and administrative processes.
  • Businesses that want to focus on new product development, but at the same time need a development team for core product maintenance.
  • Projects with finalised requirements and descriptions available, but lacking the staff in-house to start the POC or MVP development.

A software development team recruited by Qbikz operates to the highest productivity levels. You gain access to Qbikz’s pool of technologists, and tap into the best IT talent to increase output and cut costs. The result is a team that is fully yours. As a Qbikz client you retain total control while taking advantage of the flexibility scalability, and reduced administration that allows you to focus on your product or service.


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